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I live on the beautiful Vancouver Island in Naniamo, BC Canada with my husband and all my fur and feathered babies.

My story is a bit confusing as I was an oil painter for most of my younger years, where my primary pieces were oil landscapes, with the odd still life. I was Gallery represented until 20 years old when I decided to close the doors to Art and venture into another profession, Dog Training & Behaviour. 


I founded Modern Canine Training in 2011 where I worked one on one with the animal I love most, Dogs. Where if you search my name you will still find my educational videos and articles online. 

My life ventured back into Art and as of 2018 I have taken on Pastel and Coloured Pencils as my medium for the first time, creating hyper-realism with all types of animals. I absolutely love art & animals and I've been so lucky to have spent most of my life with one or the other and now in my thirties I am able to share both of my passions on common ground.