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Have a relatively "GOOD" photo of the animal(s) that you want to commission. 

      - Note that better photographs (higher resolution) will result in better quality Art.


Pictures that have a slight tilt or turn of the head are always the preferred photo's, this will give more depth and make the piece seem more real.

     - Please avoid any filters on the photo as this will not render realistic with the finished piece.

Lighting is very important, don't use photos of the pet in the shadows.

Using the sun as natural light is best. 

Indoor lighting is okay as long as the quality can be decent. 

Do NOT use a photo looking DOWN at the pet unless you are wanting a full colour background.



 Having the angle of the figures head on a slight tilt will again create more depth into the piece. Straight on pieces can be done, but try to have the photo on the animals level, rather then a photo looking down on the animal.

Selecting Size

I have set sizes I work with to make it easy to matte and frame with common sizes you can purchase at art/framing stores. Other sizes can be arranged.

Portraits Offered

Prices FOR 2024

Prices are laid out below and based on paper size. I work with only the highest quality pastel pencils and coloured pencils to ensure lightfast and that the vibrancy will last a VERY long time on each piece with the proper care taken.

For more than 6 figures in one portrait or custom sizing, please contact me @

Prices can change without notice, please inquire to save your quote for 3 months.

Completion time can vary, usually it's 4-6 month wait with FCFS. Please inquire to find out the current completion time, I will do my very best to accommodate special arrangements.


Portrait Size

8" X 8"

8" X 10"

9" X 12"

11" X 14"

16" X 20"

Single figure

Two figures

Three figures



contact for custom



contact for custom










If there is a custom request for number or figures or size of portrait, please contact me



Prices marked include any solid colour background

Simple backgrounds such as Bokah, Grass & Beach (but not limited to) start at $50+ extra, depending on size

Complex background such as a scenery with details start at $100+ extra, depending on size



All commissions require a 50% minimum non-refundable deposit to hold you place on my waiting list. 

The remainder is due upon completion.

To order your custom pet portrait either for yourself or as a gift, please contact me via email or through one of my social media pages 


Shipping is not included with prices.

Shipping to the U.S.A is shipped through USPS, please contact for shipping quote for

9-11 business day shipping and secure packaging.

All portraits are packaged with the utmost care from myself to ensure it arrives at its

destination in perfect condition ready to be framed. 

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